About Us

Simon Gross Presents was formed by Simon Gross. Simon comes from a heavy entertainment background and after spending three years training as an actor he developed his one man show in 1988. Going out to mainly community based venues, this just grew and grew. Response was so great that he formed a troupe with other colleagues and performers and took larger shows out to the community. This was when Simon Gross Presents was formed. Simon felt the need for higher standards of entertainment within the community, and used his artistic ability to put shows together. Simon through his knowledge of the entertainment industry can offer SG Corporate which can cater for anybody looking for entertainment of any size and shape.

Simon Gross Presents have over 5,000 clients on their database, taking live entertainment to thousands of people nationwide. At Simon Gross Presents not only can we cater for the community but we also have years of experience in the corporate entertainment industry. Our expert team can cater for whatever occasion you are planning, whether you are a company looking for a corporate event to a restaurant looking for a tribute show to a parent looking for a children’s entertainer – a hotel looking for a themed evening we at Simon Gross Presents can do all this for you.

About Simon Gross

From an early age, Simon and his two sisters toured variety shows to elderly people in the community. If he wasn’t doing that, he was performing his own one-man show for his family in the back garden.

Simon has had a versatile career, not only as a television presenter, but also as an actor, producer, and entertainer: from spending six months as a Butlins Redcoat for the Grand Hotel, Scarborough where he learnt all the tricks of the trade, to playing in children’s shows for the Rank organisation, to playing Benny in the West End production of “Singalongabba” which consisted of wearing a false beard, putting on a silly Swedish accent and miming playing the piano – an achievement Simon felt was a big plus to his CV! (Whitehall Theatre)

Simon is no stranger to  the world of pantomime and  with over twenty years experience behind him some of his  favourite  experiences  to date  include playing  Dame opposite Gladiator Wolf for two years in ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ Smee in ‘Peter Pan’opposite his great pal the late avenger Gareth Hunt. (Victoria Theatre, Halifax and The Pavilion Theatre, Worthing; The Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks respectively).In 2008 Simon played ugly sister Jordan in the very adult version of Cinderella/Sinderfella  in the heart of Londons West End.

Simon also spent a year touring Europe with the European Tour of ‘The Best of Broadway’ as compere and vocalist.

His many television credits include: – ‘On the Road with Maureen Rees’ for the BBC in 1997. In 1998, Simon had the privilege to set up Laurence Llewyn Bowen on a ‘Gotcha!’ for Noel’s House Party for the BBC. In 2004, Simon was asked to be the Second Butler in Channel 4’s ‘What the Butler Saw’ – a six-part documentary on aristocracy. This saw Simon not only being part of a secret panel, but also the start of his unique, off-the-cuff personality bring the screen to life.

Following this was an invitation that Simon couldn’t refuse the opportunity to become Britain’s best cook – which actually turned out to be Britain’s worst cook – on ITV1’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. In those two weeks, Simon learnt what the difference was between an egg yolk and an egg white. Another great achievement was learning to distinguish between a spatula and a whisk. Overall an experience Simon will never forget, and also the chance to entertain the nation with his totally unique and of the cuff personality.

Following Hells Kitchen Simon was the regular host for Skys Your Destiny a live psychic interactive show.

In 2011 Simon was a part of the sofa team On the Vanessa Show for channel Five.